• Female student collecting water sample

    Environmental Sampling

    Students learn how to sample water, soil, and air in AU Environmental Science classes.

  • Students inspecting soil layers in a pit

    Soil Judging

    Intercollegiate soil judging is an activity that teaches students about landforms and soil morphology in the field, and allows them to experience other parts of the U.S. during competitions.

  • Fall Line

    Alabama is diverse with respect to variation in physiography. Where the Piedmont reaches the Coastal Plain a drop in elevation occurs, producing the "fall line" where gristmills used water power to turn corn into cornmeal.

  • Carbon Sequestration

    Climate change is a major topic in environmental science. Students in the AU environmental science major learn how land management, such a no-till crop production, can store carbon to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

  • Pollution Prevention

    Environmental Science students at AU learn about the relationship between landforms, water bodies, pollution potential, and pollution prevention.

  • Soil Testing

    One of the basic tenets of environmental stewardship is knowledge of soil conditions prior to waste or fertilizer application. Soil sampling and testing provides information required to make judicious decisions regarding nutrient applications.

  • Water Resources

    Alabama has more navigable waterways than any other state. Protection of this resource is imperative for the well being of current and future generations.

  • Mix of grass and Crimson Cover

    Nutrient Cycling

    Mixed species pastures take advantage of the nitrogen fixing capabilities of legumes.

  • Tractor Pulling Spreader

    Waste Management

    Broiler chicken production is Alabama's largest agricultural enterprise, and judicious management of its land-applied broiler litter (manure + bedding) is imperative to protect water resources.

Last Updated: March 26, 2014

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